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Terms & Conditions


* Payments must be made in full prior to start of any minnows, recreational or school or competitive programs.

* By registering your child for any Coastal Kicks Soccer program you acknowledge and accept the inherent risk of playing soccer and risk of injury, concussion and/or bodily harm. I hereby acknowledge that the child I am registering is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in soccer program activities.  I will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment. Coastal Kicks Soccer reserves the right to use any and all images from its soccer programs for promotional, marketing or advertising use.

* Medical release forms and emergency contact forms must be completed prior to beginning of program.

Sessions are only canceled officially prior to its scheduled time under prolonged bad weather, extreme and dangerous conditions and/or unsafe playing conditions or playing on field results in damage to playing surface and field conditions.  At any point during a session, if lightning is detected within 10 miles of the site, site coordinators are instructed to cancel the session immediately.   Play can only resume after no lightning strikes for 30 minutes within 10 miles of site. Coastal Kicks Soccer does not provide makeup sessions for sessions canceled due to weather except for 3 or more cancellations for Recreational programs and 2 or more cancellations for Minnows programs. Each seasonal program contains a certain number of weeks, including accounting for normal weather cancellations during a season. PLAYERS CAN ELECT TO ATTEND ANOTHER LOCATION DURING THE WEEK TO MAKE UP FOR ANY SESSIONS CANCELLED BY WEATHER, PROVIDED GROUPS ARE NOT FULL AND SPACES AVAILABLE.  MAKE-UP SESSIONS  WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THREE OFFICIAL CANCELLATIONS AT THE SAME LOCATION.

Coastal Kicks Soccer reserves the right to cancel any programs due to lack of enrollment in which case a full refund will be given.

REFUNDS (Minnows, Recreational & School programs): Any cancellation made in writing 14 days prior to start of program shall receive a full refund less a $25 processing fee. Reasons for cancellation would include relocating/moving or season long injury preventing participation such as a broken arm or leg.  Any cancellation made in writing less than 14 days prior to start of a program due to relocation/moving or injury preventing participation will be given refund less $50 processing fee.

Once a program starts no refunds will be given.

CREDITS: Once a program starts only a credit will be given under the following condition. In case of an injury preventing child from participating a pro-rated credit will be given for any remaining sessions left in the season. Credits can be used towards any program or training. Credits are good for 18 months after date of issue.

DISOUNTS: player discounts can not be combined or stacked. Coastal Kicks often gives early bird discounts or special registration rates and always offers a sibling discount. Parents can choose the greater discount amount but can not combine discounts.

* Children must be three years old within one 4 to 6 weeks of the start of a Minnows program.

Coastal Kicks Soccer offers sibling discounts as well as scholarships to low income families. 

Competitive / Travel Teams: Commitment is for one seasonal year from August - May.  Players must fulfill financial obligation for full year August-May. No refunds will be given once 'commitment' is made. Players can only be released once financial obligation has been met and written request from parent/guardian has been received prior to December 9th of current season.


Coastal Kicks Soccer is committed to providing an enjoyable, respectful, and safe environment for all players. We actively discourage and correct behavior that interferes with the enjoyment of the learning environment. 

The following process will be employed at all sites anytime one or more players exhibit behavior that significantly affects the group –

  1. Coach will address the entire group of players AND parents explaining our behavioral expectations, the need to control disruptive behavior, and the parents’ role in helping resolve issues.
  2. If behavior continues, Coach will have a brief discussion with the player(s) involved and their parents explaining the following discipline process.
  3. Coach will issue a “yellow card” for further incidents = player has to leave the field and sit with parent, who is expected to provide direction, until Coach calls the player back onto the field.
  4. If a player receives a second yellow card during the same session, that is a red card = player is sent home. In order to return to play, the player and parent need to have a brief discussion with Coach BEFORE the next session (NOT once the session has begun).
  5. If a player receives a second red card during a season, the parent will receive an email from Coastal Kicks explaining specifically what needs to change for the player to remain in the program, and providing a final warning.
  6. Upon a player’s third red card in a season, Coastal Kicks will expel the player without refund.

Abusive Behavior Policy Statement

Coastal Kicks Soccer is committed to providing an enjoyable, respectful, and safe environment for all players that is free of negative, destructive behaviors. Every claim of abusive behavior, harassment, bullying, or discrimination is taken seriously, with a goal to deter and eliminate undesirable conduct.

All incidents reported by staff, players, or parents will be investigated fully and appropriate actions will be taken to maintain an environment with zero tolerance for abusive behavior.